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    This web site is to be dedicated to my gg grandfather William L.Howard 1805-1875 known as 'CAPT.HOWARD'-- a lumberer out of St.Stephen, New Brunswck, CANADA --- founder and chaplain of MASONIC LODGE in hereby areas. Much of MAINE AND NEW BRUNSWICK HISTORY lost with history but all that can be hoped for is the information that has survived via records and family history diaries. Also dedicated to all those that died at sea out of ports such as Eastport, Maine, Calais, Maine, Robbinston, Maine - St.Stephen, St.Andrews, New Brunswick, Saint John, New Brunswick, Machias, Maine, Ellsworth, Maine and those that died searching for another 'LOG' and yet still those unknown that searched and found that elusive MINE----and---those few that took the secrets to their graves of the 'hidden knowledge' of Maguerrewock Lakes region. (re-named HOWARD LAKE) Maybe to those that owned the endless lands of the 'north woods' lost through GOVERNMENT AND MORE RUTHLESS CAUSES.

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    I enjoy making personal historical websites.To draw from history one has to use 'borrowed material' and I in this website attempt to give credit to sources whenever known. [[ and by virtues of copyright law relating to educational non-profit ]] I wish to violate no copyrights.This website is non-commercial and makes NO money.[[[ extra comments:I have been researching Maine history and my genealogy in these 'areas' for decades.The internet is new.More websites pop up all the time.Where does everybody gets their historical facts? They get them from old books,newspapers,records or use your imagination.Did you ever see the website flashing � copyright ??? Persons gleam material from old sources and put them on a web page and claim copyright.Do not steal from these pages !!!! Any duplication on this website is simply because the same reference material was used.Again..this site is pure educational and there is NO MONEY INVOLVED.Even is something looks c/c/p from another website where did they c/c/p from? Excluding modern day material all these history related websites take info from sources.If the source be their original discovered documents..well be it.I myself believe in copyright and I don't want my original works stolen.The subject is very very broad so I will elaborate no furthur..except if something really was 'original' I say again..I will attempt to quote sources.Try a history website yourself.Soon you will find all the history you uncover people are putting on web pages and claiming copyright. ]]] On websites I might express some of my democratic opinion and if such is ever 'negative' it is simply democratic opinion,not an attack on anybody.This is not an 'attack' website.Furthermore as to avoid who-knows-what problems please note that this website is personal opinion and observation AND could just be 100% FICTION !!! It will be left to reader or viewer to decide what is true or what could be fiction

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